About Outdoor by Lerkenfeldt

Outdoor by Lerkenfeldt was created out of a natural interest in objects that can last a lifetime or more, the love of classic shapes and good craftsmanship. Therefore, we are concerned with achieving only the best quality in our pots so that they can be passed on. We are also concerned with the importance of preserving and maintaining classic craft techniques and local, inherited knowledge of everything from types of firing, optimal use of clay and a unique, aesthetic expression that makes each pot completely its own.


It's no secret, that the Greeks have been creating some of the world's best pots throughout history. At Outdoor by Lerkenfeldt, we are proud of our close collaboration with one of the Island of Crete's best ceramic workshops, which for generations has created pots for locals and travelers. And still, to this day, uses the traditional production techniques that make the hand-turned pots so durable, aesthetically as well as on a functional note. At the same time, our production contributes to the maintaining of the traditional craft, so that the individual ceramicist and potter can pass on his knowledge to the next generation.


All pots from Outdoor by Lerkenfeldt are created in terracotta clay added the so-called chamotte; small grains of burnt clay, that have subsequently been crushed and mixed with the terracotta clay. This makes it extra resistant to cracks and frost, and adds a slightly gritty, rustic structure to the surface, which patinates beautifully and is characterized by a very special sound, when you knock on it. In addition to being used for the production of sculptures for centuries, clay with added chamotte is known for being used in fireplaces, for the production of bricks and not least the production of pots and other ceramics, which, by virtue of its strong qualities, have been passed down from generation to generation.


Heavy frost and cracks are typically the worst enemy of ceramic pots. Therefore, all pots from Outdoor by Lerkenfeldt are created in the perfect clay mixture and either burnt at 1050 ° C with crushed olive stones or in a gas oven, which makes them extra resistant even to the worst winter frost. You can therefore safely use them all year round, whether it is on the terrace, in the conservatory or on the balcony, they do best in your home.

Outdoor by Lerkenfeldt is a wholesale company and therefore does not do private sales.


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